Pepsiman Playstation 1

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Pepsiman Playstation 1, is one of playstation game that produced by KID and the only PS1 RPG Game that bring a official licence logo for a product to the game, that are PEPSI. In Pepsiman Playstation 1, there is a hero that called PEPSIMAN. There is no source about who is PEPSIMAN and what his power is, but in Pepsiman Playstation 1, PEPSIMAN is the one who help other who needed.

In this Pepsiman Playstation 1 game you will be this hero, PEPSIMAN, There is no special mission, special power, secret mission, what you need to do is just, reflect and escape from the block, items, or any things that makes the PEPSIMAN fall, or hurts. This is so weird as we know that PEPSIMAN is a HERO, but it's okay the important things is, he still want to help others :D

In Pepsiman Playstation 1, PEPSIMAN just have ability to:
- Jump
- Run faster
- Sliding

Pepsiman Playstation 1 game is divided into levels and stages, totally there are 5 stages, with every 2 level inside, in every stages and level you will find different environment and view, and of course different obstacles.  To play Pepsiman Playstation 1 you need to be faster in pushing the button, to escape from every block that faced by PEPSIMAN. In Pepsiman Playstation 1, sometimes we not only escape from the small things, but with a big things too, in some Pepsiman Playstation 1 stages, The PEPSIMAN need to escape from other direction.

The Pepsiman Playstation 1 game interface:

Pepsiman Playstation 1 Theme Song (Official Song)
You ever play this game will certainly remember the theme song of the superhero. Although the theme song is often arise in the event that is not too important, but the resulting sound is really memorable. Theme song Pepsiman this as making the effort you put super-epic show!. Who would have thought if this man would appear like a blue superhero with additional songs just like this. 
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